Why clinicians like the Nimbus™ II Flex…

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  • Practice standard pre-loaded chemotherapy protocol options
  • Training the staff and patients is easy, reducing nursing calls and interventions
  • Advanced menu options make it easy to program and review for clinicians
  • No need to train biomedical staffs for preventative maintenance
  • Variety of carry pouch options for IV bags
  • Small and light weight at 6 ounces
  • 24/7 support from Zyno Solutions

Why pharmacists like the Nimbus™ II Flex…

  • Easy to program with protocols and standard manual programming options
  • General hours pre-loaded protocol
  • Ability to set programming limits
  • Save costs by using the standard IV bag for therapy
  • Less labor burden filling cassette reservoirs compared to using the standard IV bag
  • Reduce costs by no longer needing cassette reservoirs

Why administrators like the Nimbus™ II Flex…

  • Comparing to your current costs per infusion, the total cost can be much less
  • Due to the unique acquisition options comparing to other devices
  • 100% warranty on the device
  • Some costs can be saved not having to fill cassettes
  • Cost to acquire only requires a one-year or monthly plan
  • May reduce the need for larger capital expenditures

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