The Nimbus™ Experience

Nimbus™ II Flex is a sleek and cutting-edge ambulatory infusion pump that affords you the sophistication of a high-end electronic pump designed for durability and repeated use. Setting up can be as easy as using the on-board pre-loaded protocol based on hours and run, Nimbus™ II Flex allows you to monitor infusions on the go.

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Built for flexiblity. Infusion treatments your way.

Intelligent menu navigation
Pre-loaded chemotherapy protocolDamage replacement options
1- 1500mL infusion volumes
Practice standard protocols
Manage the per infusion costs
Small and light weight at 6 ouncesGeneral hours pre-loaded protocols
Durable for repeated ambulatory use
No cassettes to fillClinician-enabled lockout code
Ideal for medical low volume infusions
Automatically presents entered Rx for reviewFluid delivery accuracy of +/- 5%
Meets CMS DME standards

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